Why choose multi angle spectrophotometer

Not all materials are as even as they seem. Materials with irregular properties, reflective and fluorescent surface can be found everywhere in today’s production and life. For the color detection and control of these materials, multi angle spectrophotometer is the best choice.

Effect topcoat

The surface color of the topcoat is affected by different viewing angles and conditions. According to the observation angle, light source conditions and observation environment, it will show different luster and color. If only a single angle is used for measurement, the measurement result will have a large deviation from the actual situation. In view of this situation, if you want to measure the color of the effect topcoat perfectly, you need at least 3 viewing angles.
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Color measurement principle of color spectrum multi angle spectrophotometer

Through the measurement of 15 °, 45 ° and 110 ° angles, the lab values under different angles can be distinguished and displayed, and the measurement and evaluation of topcoat effect can be more comprehensive.

Metallic paint

There are fine metal powders (such as aluminum powder, copper powder, etc.) in the base of metallic paint. Therefore, in the measurement process of metallic paint, not only the influence of measurement angle, but also the factor of surface particle size should be considered.
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Evaluation principle of surface particles of color spectrum cs-392 multi angle spectrophotometer

By simulating the conditions of direct sunlight and diffuse light, high-resolution CMOS sensor is used to measure and control the particle grade. It can better reflect the parameter of particle grade, which is helpful to test and control the formulation of metallic paint.

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Spectrophotometer CS-392

The unique design of cs-392 multi angle effect colorimeter puts multiple functions in a hand-held instrument, which can not only measure multi angle color difference, but also detect the particle characteristics of coatings. At the same time, cs-392 is specially developed for metallic paint industry, which is suitable for measuring the reflection spectrum and color data of metallic paint surface.

SourceChina colorimeter manufacturer

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