What is spectrophotometer CS-600CG

What is spectrophotometer CS-600CG?

Spectrophotometer CS-600CG is a 45/0 geometry portable spectrophotometer manufactured by chnspec Tech in May 2017. It achieves high accuracy and repeatability, especially on textured or structured surfaces, regardless of the measurement direction. It also provides true 60 ° gloss.

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Today we will introduce the working of spectrophotometer CS-600CG to measure paint samples. The following is the sample picture.

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Measurement Condition

  • 1. Mode: Reflectance
  • 2. Light Source and Angle: D65/10 degree
  • 3. Parameters need to Measure: color value CIE L*a*b , Delta E and Gloss (60°)

Test Method

1. Turn on spectrophorometer CS-600CG then do white, black and gloss calibration.

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2. After calibration, we can enter into the measurement interface. Put the instrument on the sample, press test, we can see the test result directly on screen.

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3. Press “menu” to enter into the sample measurement interface. Then press “test”, we can get the test result of sample 2. Measure sample 3 with the same method, we can get the following test result.

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Name L a b G Delta E Delta Gloss
Sample 1 83.50 4.16 81.47 94.2
Sample 2 83.66 4.20 81.43 83.0 0.17 -11.1
Sample 3 82.69 2.78 79.41 94.9 2.61 0.7

CS-600CG spectrophotometer can be widely used in automobile accessories industry (plastic part), paint coating industry, etc. If any inquiry for color and gloss measurement, you are welcome to contact me for more details. We will help to recommend the most suitable instrument for customers.

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