What is haze meter?

What is haze meter?

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Haze meter is measured with a wide angle scattering test in which light is diffused in all directions which results in a loss of contrast. That percentage of light that when passing through that deviates from the incident beam by greater than 2.5 degrees on average is defined as haze.

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Working Principle of Haze Meter

When a beam of parallel light hits the sample and enters the integrating sphere, it is scattered on the sphere inner white coating, the total transmittance is measured when the optical trap outlet on the sphere is closed. When the optical trap is opened, haze will be measured.

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Standards of CS-700 haze meter

  • ASTM D1003/D1044
  • ISO13468
  • ISO14782
  • JIS K7105
  • JIS K7361
  • JIS K7136

Haze Meter Application Examples

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Haze Meter to Measure Glass

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Haze Meter for Plastic Film

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Haze Meter for iPhone Case

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Haze Meter for PE Film

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