What are the advantages of benchtop spectrophotometer

We live in a colorful world, although the color is a human visual effect of light, subjective factors, but the substance is objective physical characteristics of color. In order to solve the error of the naked eye on the color judgment, we have to use professional color detection instruments to calibrate the color, so what are the advantages of desktop spectrophotometer in color calibration?

bench top spectrophotometer cs 828 - What are the advantages of benchtop spectrophotometer


What are the classifications of color testing instruments?

There are many kinds of testing equipment in the field of color management, but according to the way of detection to distinguish, there are two main categories of standard light sources using the naked eye to observe the color light box and through the instrumentation analysis of the color difference meter.
Because the results of human eye observation is affected by more factors, so for the color requirements of the higher industry, it is necessary to use a higher precision colorimeter to test.
Colorimeter is also divided into colorimeter and spectrophotometer, simple colorimeter is based on the CIE color space Lab, Lch principle to create, measurement data is relatively single, the accuracy of the measurement results is not as high as spectrophotometer. And spectrophotometer according to the appearance and function of the difference, and is divided into portable spectrophotometer and desktop spectrophotometer color matching instrument.

What are the advantages of desktop spectrophotometer?

Compared with the previous two types of colorimeter products, desktop spectrophotometer needs to be connected to a computer to use. Its larger size, more complex internal optical structure, performance will be more stable, the measurement results will be relatively more accurate. For chromatic aberration results of the more demanding industries, such as laboratories and other professional research institutions will be used desktop spectrophotometer.
Benchtop spectrophotometry will generally have more highly configured hardware: containing a dual-array 256 pixel CMOS detector and a high lifetime stable LED/UV LED/xenon lamp.
By measuring the sample reflection and transmission spectra, the Lab data obtained is more accurate and can be used for color matching and accurate color transfer, accurately measuring the absolute and relative values of color, that is, the color itself and the difference between the two.
And desktop spectrophotometer can use color measurement and color matching software when connected to a computer, high precision color measurement and color matching functions to help you quickly achieve color management and save business management costs.

Benchtop spectrophotometer principle

So how does the desktop spectrophotometer do accurate detection of color difference? Here we have to mention the basic principle of spectrophotometer. Spectrophotometer and photoelectric integral colorimeter method is different. Photoelectric integral color difference instrument can not accurately measure the three stimulus value of the source and the color product coordinates, can only give the color difference between the two sources, the data results are less interactive, the measurement results are relatively not so accurate.
The benchtop spectrophotometer is to obtain the spectral reflectance of the sample at each wavelength by comparing the light energy reflected (transmitted) by the sample with the light energy reflected (transmitted) by the standard under the same conditions, and then using the standard observer and standard light source provided by CIE according to the following formula, so as to obtain the tri-stimulus value X, Y, Z, and then from X, Y, Z according to the formula of CIEYxy, CIELab, etc. Color coordinates x. y, CIELAB chromaticity parameters, etc.
It can not only give the color difference between the two, but also calculate the spectral reflectance of the object, draw the spectral reflectance curve of the object color, through the calibration of multiple data, more accurate control of the color difference between the sample and the standard, and then combined with the special color matching software, to provide enterprises with a perfect color management program.

Benchtop spectrophotometer instructions for use

  1. Power on: desktop spectrophotometer and ordinary colorimeter operation is also a little different, because to connect the computer to use, so in addition to open the spectrophotometer power, but also need to link the computer host power, and the computer in the instrument software to open, in order to work properly.
  2. Black and white calibration: set aside the measurement fixture (can be different thicknesses, different sizes of samples closely fixed on the test port to prevent stray light into affect the accuracy of the measurement results), respectively, the black cavity and white plate aligned with the test port, press the TEST key on the right side of the host, after the beep calibration success.
  3. Calibration is completed well, we can choose the measurement mode to start measuring. The measurement modes of different products are also different, you can choose your own mass tube mode, sample mode, to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.
  4. Specimen test: when the specimen and standard sample data reach the production requirements, you can produce the product, and at the same time, you can save the production data for record. First open the data saving file on the desktop (LOWE or Sunshine film), then use the mouse to select the measured specimen data, click the right mouse button, select Copy to Pasteboard, paste the copied data into the opened form, and at the same time fill in the production time, order number, product ID and other data into the form according to the specified format, then save the form, that is, to complete the saving of production data.
  5. When the measurement data is saved, first close the spectrophotometer software, then turn off the computer and the power supply, the computer desk items back to ensure that no errors before leaving.
  6. Different models of spectrophotometer and its use of the operating procedures of some minor differences, but the total operating process are power on, calibration, select the measurement mode, sample testing, view the data results, if there are still questions can check the detailed instructions provided by the manufacturers.

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