Top ten brands of colorimeter in China

Some people like red clothes, while others like yellow clothes. When people choose goods, they often choose different goods according to the color difference. In order to better control the color difference of goods, it is necessary to use professional equipment: colorimeter. Today, I’d like to introduce the top ten brands of colorimeter in China.

Development history of colorimeter in China

To understand the colorimeter in China, we must first talk about the development history of colorimeter.

Color management has been a scientific subject since ancient times. At that time, the ancients described the cognition of social reality through various colors. From the proven pottery of the Neolithic age, the early rise and return of ancient China, and the Renaissance, a number of artists have been exploring color difference. After thousands of years of research and application of color, the foundation of color science has been established. However, the independent scientific research of color science is later than perspective and artistic anatomy, and it only started in modern times.

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In 1931, CIE formulated a series of colorimetric standards, which officially opened the modern color science, and these standards have been used until today’s digital video era. For example, CIEXYZ standard coordinates in the color space of visible light spectrum, and the CIE color system revised on the basis. It is because of the determination of some standards that there are special instruments for color measurement, such as spectrophotometer, computer colorimeter, color light box and resolution test card. Today we mainly talk about the Chinese colorimeter.
Colorimeter is an advanced instrument made to adapt to the development of modern industrial production. The principle of Chinese colorimeter is actually CIE LAB color space, which is the most commonly used color space in the industry. Where L value is the lightness of the color, a value is the red and green value of the color, and b value is the blue and yellow value of the color. Through this color space, we can clearly distinguish the color difference between two objects. The efficiency and accuracy of distinguishing the color difference between samples and goods are fast, and it has gradually become the mainstream product in the field of color management.

Top 10 brands of colorimeter in China

It seems that there is no relationship between the development history of colorimeter and Chinese brand. In fact, with the continuous development of colorimeter industry and the maturity of various standards and indicators, only the colorimeter produced in strict accordance with CIE1931, 1974 and other international standards can better meet the needs of people’s daily color measurement. The following small series for you to introduce the rise of China’s colorimeter brand in recent years!

cs 10 handheld colorimeter - Top ten brands of colorimeter in China

Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology Co., Ltd (CHNSpec)
Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology Co., Ltd is the leader in the color measurement fieldand we are mainly engaged in the researching, producing and sales of color measurement equipment which includes portable colorimeter, handheld spectrophotometer, benchtop spectrophotometer, color spectrophotometer for powder and transmission spectrophotometer. Our products have been widely used in the fields for plastic, printing, paint, auto parts, metals, household appliances and scientific research institution. 

Shenzhen Threenh Technology Co., Ltd (3nh)
3nh, Tilo and Sine image are all registered brands of the company. Shenzhen 3NH Technology Co., Ltd. ( is a national high-tech enterprise.
Beijing Kemei Runda instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd (Coloreader)
Beijing Kemei Runda instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that produces and manages instruments and meters, which has been approved and registered by relevant Chinese departments. Main colorimeter, gloss meter, thickness meter and other testing instruments.
Shenzhen maodi Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd
Shenzhen maodi mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in April 1995. It is the director unit of Guangdong Instrument Association, the director unit of Shenzhen instrument industry association, and the designated purchasing unit of Shenzhen government procurement center. It is mainly composed of photoelectric Division, object chromatic aberration department, system integration department and environmental testing instrument department.
Hangzhou Xuqing Technology Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Xuqing science and technology is engaged in laboratory instruments, life science instruments, environmental testing instruments, industrial testing instruments agent and direct sales.
Shenzhen Wave Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd (Wave)
Shenzhen Wave Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd, the leading  manufacturer of colorimeter, gloss meter and thickness meter, who mainly engaged in the development and production of optoelectronics products. The field involved in color, gloss and thickness measurement, color technology, photometry, colorimetry and simulation, etc.
Qingdao kereide Instrument Co., Ltd
Qingdao kereide Instrument Co., Ltd., established in 2015, is a trading company engaged in the sales of high-tech products. The company has an experienced professional technical sales engineer team. The company focuses on the development of laboratory instrument experimental test scheme technology, and has mature cases in rubber and plastic, coating, 3C electronics and chemical industry.
Distribution brand: Japan Konica Minolta, USA Ashley, Germany BYK, Hangzhou CHNSpec, Hangzhou Yuanyuan, Shenzhen 3nh and other color gloss haze detection instruments; universal testing machine and other mechanical material testing equipment; Japan espec, the United States QLAB and domestic high-quality environmental test equipment; Germany Fischer, EPK, Nix, the United States diefskow, Germany BYK coating thickness Ze detection equipment.
Foshan H.J.UNKEL Trade Co., Ltd (H.J.Unkel)
Foshan H.J.UNKEL Trade Co., Ltd, was founded in 1925 with its companies in China and South-East Asia serve their customers with quality technical and chemical products at competitive prices and provide prompt and efficient maintenance and repair as well as calibration services.
Shanghai INESA Physico-Optical Instrument Co.,Ltd (INESA)
Shanghai instrument physical optics instrument Co., LTD. (formerly Shanghai precision &scientific instrument Co., LTD. Physical optical instrument factory) with a long the development and manufacture of physical optical instruments history, has been established since 1956 has come a 56 spring and autumn period, was born by our research and manufacture of the first polarimeter, is the largest physical optical equipment manufacturing base.
Dongguan Rongdong Color Technology Co., Ltd
Dongguan Rongdong Color Technology Co., Ltd. is a private limited liability company with wholesale and commercial services. The main products of Rongdong Color Management Technology Co., Ltd. are spectrophotometer, colorimeter, glossmeter, illuminance meter and color light box.
(Note: the above data are from the Internet, ranking in no order)

Which brand of Chinese colorimeter is better?

In fact, that brand of Chinese colorimeter is good, in fact, there is no strict standard. Different customers will have their own evaluation criteria. Let’s compare some advantages of Hangzhou CHNSpec in the following aspects. You can consider it yourself.
Brand advantages
Hangzhou CHNSpec is a leading enterprise in the field of color detection in China. It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of color detection equipment. Its products include precision colorimeter, spectrophotometer, glossiness meter, Haze Meter and paint ink color matching software. It has been widely used in printing, coating, auto parts, metal, household appliances and other industries and scientific research institutions at home and abroad.
Hangzhou CHNSpec has a number of invention patents, including one American invention patent, a number of utility model patents, appearance patents and software copyright. In addition, there are many invention patents in the stage of announcement. Hangzhou CHNSpec published many papers published in domestic first-class scientific research journals, and were included in SCI and EI.
Quality advantage
At present, the international well-known brand of colorimeter has color spectrum. Minolta. Weifu, the color meter products from the measurement principle, measurement aperture, color difference formula, measurement shape, optical structure can be compared with the international first-line brand, product quality advantage is outstanding!
Cost performance advantage
Now the Chinese market is mostly used in China’s independent research and development of colorimeter products, why China’s color meter after the start can quickly occupy the market? The reason is that Chinese colorimeter is more cost-effective!
Service advantages
The excellent professional team has gathered many professionals in the industry, applied for many innovation patents, and served nearly 100000 enterprises, with profound cultural accumulation and strong competitive strength.
What is the difference between Chinese colorimeter and imported one?
In fact, the quality and price of Chinese colorimeters are gradually ahead of those imported from Japan and the United States. Of course, due to the late start of China’s colorimeter industry, objective will, China’s colorimeter still has a lot of room for progress. The following small edition will talk about the main differences between Chinese and imported colorimeters
The first point is the price. The price of imported colorimeters is generally higher than that of Chinese colorimeters, and the after-sales service is only one year. Some maintenance services need to be paid at their own expense, so the comprehensive price is extremely high.
The second point is performance. Most colorimeters are limited to measuring the color difference between the two. China’s spectrophotometer can be compared with imported color data. The colorimeter made in China has gradually become the mainstream of the domestic market, and with the unremitting struggle of China’s dream of becoming a powerful country in science and technology, in the future, China’s colorimeter will go to the world.
China Colorimeter

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