The influence of color difference reduction by color difference meter on consumers

When consumers buy goods, they first feel the color, then the shape. A multi-functional colorimeter can provide complete color data and make good-looking colors.

the influence of color difference reduction by color difference meter on consumers - The influence of color difference reduction by color difference meter on consumers
Within 20 seconds of purchasing goods, 80% of the consumers’ feeling of color, 20% of their feeling of shape, 60% of their feeling of color after two minutes, 40% of their feeling of shape, and 50% of their feeling after five minutes. It can be seen that the strong and striking color can attract the attention of the audience and convey the brand information quickly in a very fast time, which has a preemptive effect.
Traditional manual color matching has many disadvantages, for example, the color scheme is not stable, completely depends on the experience and level of color matching personnel, and color cards, samples and formulas are difficult to preserve for a long time. Colorimeter can meet most of the market demand. Color spectrum colorimeter can accurately provide color scheme, data color and formula management, reduce labor cost and ensure stable production. For example, plastic, paint, printing, food, textile, automobile and other industries that need to be related to color can use colorimeter to accurately color formula.
Color research is based on scientific facts and requires accuracy and clarity. The RGB component of the reflected light is detected by the RGB detector, and the lab and color difference of the color are calculated.
With the development and progress of science and technology, the precision colorimeter not only improves the measurement accuracy, but also increases the measurement function of yellowness and whiteness. For items with uneven lines and colors, powder and gel high reflective items can also be measured strictly by adding built-in cameras and using “SCE” and other methods. It can also compare the measured sample data with the built-in color card electronic database of the system, so as to obtain a close Pantone color card number, which is convenient for color matching personnel to query.
Color spectrum chromatic aberration instrument, precision chromatic aberration instrument and spectrochromatic aberration instrument. The models of precision color difference instrument are cs-10, cs-200, cs-210, cs-220 and cs-260, and the models of spectrophotometer are cs-280, cs-280 +, cs-286 and cs-288.
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