The color of clothes is measured by spectrophotometer

Some people like blue, some people like red, everyone has different feelings about color, and there will be differences in the degree of love. In order to meet the various choices of consumers, clothing is usually made into different color styles, if the clothing has a color difference, consumers are certainly very difficult to accept, want to solve the problem of clothing color matching, we need to use the power of professional spectrophotometer!

bench top spectrophotometer cs 826 - The color of clothes is measured by spectrophotometer


Why do we need to do color matching?

Summer is coming, fairies, who still do not prepare a few good-looking dresses. But the yellowish skirt that I just saw was so cute, how did it become plain and clean white out of the door.
Of course the color is not the point, the point is how the clothes changed color?
This is due to the fact that under different light sources, we see that the color of the item is subject to change. In the clothing store, usually choose a lower color temperature (2700K-3500K) yellowish light source, to bring customers a comfortable feeling. And out of the store, in the sunlight color temperature will reach (5000K-6500K), at this time we observe the change in the light source of clothing, of course, will feel a different color.
So in order to solve the differences in color judgment, we need to have provisions for the light source when observing clothes, so as to have a more accurate description of clothing color. The equipment that creates this color matching environment is the standard light source we often use for color matching light boxes.

What are the methods of color matching for clothing?

However, the standard light source color matching light box is still using the more traditional visual color matching method. In addition, the commonly used color matching methods are spectrophotometer color matching method, spectrophotometer and visual color matching combined use.
Different color matching methods, the accuracy of the measurement results are also different, so the use of gray card standards are not the same. In the actual garment production process, each link needs different color matching processes, the degree of color difference requirements are also different, the method chosen is also different. Today we are mainly introduced is the specific application of spectrophotometer in the process of clothing color matching.

The color of clothing on the use of spectrophotometer

We all know that in practical applications, dyeing and chemical materials and fabric varieties are often changing, different batches, different models of dyes and blanks often appear color differences, and some color differences are actually too difficult for our naked eye to distinguish. Tiny color differences, accumulated continuously throughout the production process, the final garment color gap may be very large. So we need to manage the color of the entire production process of the garment, if there is no professional spectrophotometer, the results will also be less accurate. So what kind of magic does spectrophotometer have to accurately calibrate the color difference of clothing?
Spectrophotometer is based on three factors of object color change: light source, object and observer, the structure of its design and control. Spectrophotometers can be structurally divided into two types: integrating spheres and 45°/0° or 0°/45°. Integrating sphere is also known as D/8 ° structure, d is the abbreviation of diffuse, by a beam of light shining on the inner wall of the integrating sphere, mixed in the integrating sphere to form the incident light, the structure of the integrating sphere can effectively ensure the stability of the light source. 45 ° / 0 ° structure of the instrument is 45 ° incident to the sample, 0 ° received, the illumination method and the human eye to see the way close. Since the effect of mirror radiated light is not considered, the measurement results will be closer to what the human eye sees.

Therefore, in order to better manage the color difference of clothes, most of the garment manufacturers now choose the combination of spectrophotometer and visual color matching.

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