Tabletop Spectrophotometer CS-800 For PVC Color Testing

PVC is the short of Polyvinyl chloride. Its application varies from water pipes, door frame, window frame, wallpaper to kinds of plastic bottles, soft tubes and other products for daily life. We could also see it in medical industry for example blood or other liquid bags, transfusion tubes and other medical products. The color of the PVC products greatly affects its quality. So the PVC manufacturers need strict color control system to make sure the quality of the products. Spectrophotometer CS-800 made by CHNSpec technology could meet the customers’ requirement for PVC color testing.

PVC2001 - Tabletop Spectrophotometer CS-800 For PVC Color Testing
Our self-made tabletop Spectrophotometer CS-800 adopts D/8 Illumination testing condition with upside testing port. It is more convenient to test solid materials, particle materials, powder materials and pasty materials. CS-800 spectrophotometer could be connected with color management software via PC. It is more convenient for the customers to check the quality and manage the color data. The customers could see the color difference by seeing the data. It is easy to see the color difference and generate the test report. It provides various color measurement data. 
8001 - Tabletop Spectrophotometer CS-800 For PVC Color Testing
Now we will introduce how to use the tabletop Spectrophotometer CS-800 to test the PVC color.
1.Turn on the spectrophotometer, and then calibrate it on the calibration plate. Set it according to the testing material. Put the PVC sample on the testing port ( as show in the below picture) and cover the testing port by the white calibrate plate in case of light leak.
151 - Tabletop Spectrophotometer CS-800 For PVC Color Testing
2. After the sample is OK, set up the test conditions. (as show in the below pictures)
251 - Tabletop Spectrophotometer CS-800 For PVC Color Testing
351 - Tabletop Spectrophotometer CS-800 For PVC Color Testing
3. After setting up the test conditions, press button “↑” to see the testing area position and then press button “Test”. And then we will get the color data for the sample. We could see the testing result after we finish the testing. We could get the high precision color data of the PVC sample after we finish the testing. 
45 - Tabletop Spectrophotometer CS-800 For PVC Color Testing
Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology., Ltd is the high technology enterprise that is focus on optical and color testing field. Our main products are portable colorimeters, hand type spectrophotometers, table type spectrophotometers, spectrophotometers for powder materials and transmission Color meter testers. These products are widely used in print industry, painting industry, automobile accessories industry, household appliances production industry and other researching organization. We adopts new technology of ETC (every test calibration), it will calibrate the system software and hardware every time during the testing. This new technology makes sure the accuracy of the testing data. If any interest in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide the best quality service and products.

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