Suggestions on the application of spectrophotometer in textile industry

Textile industry is a traditional pillar industry of China’s national economy and an important livelihood industry. It is also an industry with obvious international competitive advantages. It plays an important role in the prosperity of the market, the expansion of exports, the absorption of employment, the increase of farmers’ income, and the promotion of urbanization. With the improvement of living standards, China’s residents’ consumption concept is changing, China’s textile industry also began to develop to high-end and brand, textile fabric color, comfort and other aspects of higher requirements.

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As we all know, color has a great influence on textiles. In traditional factories, the collection and matching of colors are carried out by experienced masters with their naked eyes, which has a great error. Many times, the colors of two batches of products may be inconsistent, which makes customers very dissatisfied.
There are also different reasons for the color difference of textiles: different fiber compositions of various fabrics, different types of dyes and process equipment used in dyeing, and different requirements and characteristics in dyeing process. Therefore, many textile industry manufacturers have introduced bench-top spectrophotometer to match colors to help manufacturers improve work efficiency, production quality and customer satisfaction.
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Spectrophotometer is a kind of instrument used to measure the color difference of objects. In the textile industry, different types of spectrophotometer can meet different measurement needs.
There are many kinds of textiles in the textile industry. At present, the chromatic aberration meter of can meet the needs of measuring chromatic aberration in the textile industry. It has a variety of color measurement indicators and evaluation light sources. When the testing fabric is within the range of color difference set by us, the instrument will display normal. When the testing is unqualified, the instrument will automatically display the color of the sample, which color is biased and which color is missing. It provides good suggestions for the colorist in the follow-up color scheme.

  • ① In textile fabrics, there are high density fabrics with small gaps, such as silk. CS-520 and CS-410 of can meet the demand of color difference measurement for such textile products.
  • ② There is a large gap between sweaters. CS-821N and CS-826 can accurately measure this kind of fabrics.
  • ③ Some fabrics have complex colors, numerous patterns and even buttons. CS-828 is a high performance image spectrophotometer, which is specialized in complex color measurement. The minimum measurement is 0.09mm ² The area, the square inch, the minute is complete.
  • ④ Electronic management of textile formula. Most of the time, we need to find a fabric that matches its color for color matching. The color difference treasure of can easily solve your problem.
  • ⑤ Flax fabrics, plush fabrics and other easy to chip off textiles. CS-826 can also be used for vertical measurement. Make your work more efficient.
  • ⑥ For textiles containing fluorescent color, CS-520 and CS-826 of include UV measurement, which can accurately measure the fluorescent color.
  • ⑦ In daily production work, in order to improve the quality, we will also encounter the measurement of some small yarn and other textile color, at this time CS-826 and CS-828 will be your safe choice.
  • ⑧ Textile color matching is still a difficult problem for many customers. Whether the color provided by customers can be matched efficiently and accurately will test the experience and ability of color matching masters. However, if combined with spectrophotometer and color matching software of color spectrum, it can not only work efficiently and make the formula more accurate, but also make the novice become a master in seconds. in the textile industry for many years, with a complete color matching solutions!
Source: China Spectrophotometer Manufacturer offers Bench-top Spectrophotometer. 

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