Spectrophotometers for Special Material Color Measurement

  • 1.Powder Material Color Measurement
    Because of the different densities, sizes and shapes of powder materials will lead to different color measurement values. In order to avoid it, we can use a device to make powder into pellet. And then measure the pellet color, the result will be more stable and accurate.
    We can also use bench top spectrophotometer CS-800 which adopts D/8 geometry. It is with upward testing caliber to measure solid, pellet, powder and pasty materials much easier.
    Powder20Material20Color20Measurement - Spectrophotometers for Special Material Color Measurement
    2.Semi Transparent Products Color Measurement
    For measuring color of semi transparent products, our benchtop CS-810 Transmittance Spectrophotometer is good choice. It is design for measuring the liquid transmission, absorbance, concentration, color and other parameters. The instrument adopts D / 0 measurement structure, integrated full-band light source, ETC evrey-time calibration technology, the instrument’s resolution of 0.0001, the standard deviation of the transmittance within 0.08%, Chroma value: ΔE*ab 0.015.
    In addition to measuring the liquid transmission, the instrument also includes APHA / PtCo (APHA / Platinum) and Gardner color scale for products such as resins, solvents, acids, perfumes and varnishes; , Saybolt color scale for gasoline, white oil, kerosene, lubricating oil and paraffin oil. Eliminating the subjectivity of visual method, instrument method provides greater sensitivity and maximum repeatability.
    Semi20Transparent20Products20Color20Measurement1 - Spectrophotometers for Special Material Color Measurement
    3.Materials with Pattern Color Measurement
    For patterned materials color measurement, in order to avoid the error, average multiple measurements is the most commonly used method.
    The other method is CS-820 spectrophotometer. Our instrument adopts double optical paths spectrum analysis technology to assure the instrment testing accuray and long term repeatibility. D / 8 gemotery, compatible with SCI / SCE measurement, to meet measurement requirement for various industries; samples with different thickness and sizes can tightly fixed in the test aperture, to prevent light entering into instrument to affect of the accuracy of the measurement results.
    Materials20with20Pattern20Color20Measurement - Spectrophotometers for Special Material Color Measurement
    We are the professional color meter manufacturer. We can solve all the color measurement problems for liquid, pasty material, glass, etc. Any inquiry in this field, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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