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Model No.: Six-Illuminant-Color-Matching-Light-Box-D65

China Light Box Manufacturer offers Six Illuminant Color Matching Light Box D65.

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Key Specifications / Features

Voltage: 220V Or Custom Made Type: Four Light Sources
Standard: ISO ASTM DIN BSI ANSI CIE Warranty: 12 Months

Color Matching Light Box Introduction:

Light box is also called Color Controller Light Box or Color Assessment Cabinet. It is the illuminant for testing the products color difference. Four light sources light box contains the following 4 kinds of illuminantion: D65,TL84,UV and F. After connect with electricity, press the suitable illuminant button, it will be turned on. And then we could compare the samples color difference inside the box. Multi light sources could be turned on at the same time. Customer could choose the suitable light source according to his or her need. The most commonly used light source is D65.

Technical Data of Color Matching Light Box:

Technical Data


Light Source Color Temperature Power Type Usage
D65 6500K 2pcs x 18w


Artificial Daylight

Philips TL D 18W/965

International Standard Artificial Daylight
TL84 4000K 2pcs x 18w


Philips TL D 18W/840

Europe and Japan Shop Light Source
UV / 1pcs x 18w


Philips TL D 0T8/BLB


UV Light Source
F/A 2700K 4pcs x 40w Incandescent PHILIPS E27 Sunset Light


Light Box Size: 710mm(Length)×420mm(Width)×570mm(Height) Weight:28kgs

Advantages of Color Matching Light Box:

1). With imported component to make sure the stability of the instrument.

2). Conform to International Standard: ISO ASTM DIN BSI ANSI CIE

3). After power off, the data could be saved automatically.

4). Light booth is with Chinese Patents and with CE certification.

5). Longest Warranty Time: 12 months warranty.

Packing List of Color Matching Light Box:

No. Name Quantity
1 Light Booth Top Cover 1 pcs
2 Light Booth Bottom 1 pcs
3 Light Booth Back Cover 1 pcs
4 Light Booth Side Cover 2 pcs
5 Power Line 1 pcs
6 Operating Manual 1 pcs
7 Warranty Card 1 pcs
8 D65 Light Tube 2 pcs
9 TL84 Light Tube 2 pcs
10 UV Light Tube 1 pcs
11 F/A Light Tube 4 pcs

Light Sources D50 and others can be custom made. If you need, please let us know your detail requirement.

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