Spectrophotometer & Colorimeter Accessories

Colorimeter Accessorie is specially designed for spectrophotometer and colorimeter. It is the optional accessories. It has the advantage of easy to carry, could print without connecting with PC and convenient for storage.
Spectrophotometer Accessorie is the optional accessory for spectrophotometer.
China Colorimeter & Spectrophotometer Manufacturer www.spectrumgfa.com supplies colorimeters, spectrophotometers, haze meters, gloss meters and spectral analysis instruments, and is a leading producer in the color measurement field in China.We are national high technology enterprise.Till now we have receiced more than 12 patents including one US patent for all instruments.

Products List

Haze Meter Accessories
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China Haze Meter Manufacturer www.spectrumgfa.com offers Haze Meter Accessories.

Textile Color Matching Software
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China Color Matching Software Manufacturer www.spectrumgfa.com offers Textile Color Matching Software.

Powder Holder For Spectrophotometer
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China Powder Holder Manufacturer www.spectrumgfa.com offers Powder Holder For Spectrophotometer.

Pantone C U Formula Guide
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China Pantone Color Swatches Manufacturer www.spectrumgfa.com offers Pantone C U Formula Guide.

Six Illuminant Color Matching Light Box D65
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China Light Box Manufacturer www.spectrumgfa.com offers Six Illuminant Color Matching Light Box D65.

Micro Printer design for spectrophotometer and colorimeter
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China Printer Manufacturer www.spectrumgfa.com offers Micro Printer.

Color Proof Light Box
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China Light Box Manufacturer www.spectrumgfa.com offers color proof light box.