China Portable Color Spectrophotometer & Color Matching Spectrophotometer Manufacturer supplies colorimeters, spectrophotometers, haze meters, gloss meters and spectral analysis instruments, and is a leading producer in the color measurement field in China. We are national high technology enterprise.Till now we have receiced more than 12 patents including one US patent for all instruments.

Products List

Near Infrared Hyperspectral Camera FS-50
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China Hyperspectral Cameras Manufacturer supplies Near Infrared Hyperspectral Camera FS-50.

Hyperspectral camera FS-15
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China Hyperspectral Cameras Manufacturer supplies Hyperspectral Camera FS-15.

FS-60 UAV Hyperspectral Measurement System
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China Airborne Hyperspectral System Manufacturer supplies FS-60 UAV Hyperspectral Measurement System.

Micro Hyperspectral Imaging System
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China Micro Hyperspectral System Manufacturer supplies Micro Hyperspectral Imaging System.

Imaging Hyperspectral Camera FS2X Series
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China Portable Imaging Spectrometer Manufacturer supplies Imaging Hyperspectral Camera FS2X Series.

G60-Pro Gloss Meter
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China Gloss Meter Manufacturer offers G60 Series Glossmeter.

Haze Meter TH-110
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China Haze Meter Manufacturer offers Haze Meter TH-110.

Haze Meter TH-09
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China Haze Meter Manufacturer offers Haze Meter TH-09.

CS-422 Portable Spectrophotometer
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China Spectrophotometer Manufacturer offers CS-422 Portable Spectrocolorimeter.

CS-421 Portable Spectrophotometer
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China Spectrophotometer Manufacturer offers CS-421 Portable Spectrocolorimeter.