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Three Methods for Color Measurement

Color measurement is mainly divided into light source color measurement and object color measurement. The object color measurement is divided into fluorescent object measurement and non-fluorescent object measurement. In the actual production and daily life, non-fluorescent objects color measurement is the most commonly used. It is mainly divided into two kinds visual method and instrument method. And instrument method can be separated into optoelectronic integration method and spectrophotometry. 1. Visual Method Visual method is a traditional color measurement method. It is a completely subjective evaluation method, but also the most simple way. Although the most reliable way for color evaluation […]

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What does Color Value mean?

In color theory, a color value is actually a shade of lightness. IT professionals or others might use the terms “lightness” and “color value” interchangeably. Color values are often presented in a chart or graph to help developers or others to choose from various specific shades of color for the purposes of applying to visual projects. A color value scale starts with light and ends with dark. Other categories in between might include light/medium, medium and medium/dark. Again, color values for digital projects are commonly represented on a digital graph, scale or palate for users to choose from. In addition […]

Recently Shipment to Mid Asia Projects

How to choose a Gloss Meter?

What is a Gloss Meter? A gloss meter (also named glossmeter, gloss gauge or mirror gloss meter) is an instrument which is used to measure specular reflection gloss of a surface. It is mainly used for paint, plastic, print, metal, ceramic, building material, leather and other industries which need measure gloss. Gloss meter can be separated into two type single angle and triple angles (triple angles gloss meter is called multi-angles gloss meter). Our model number is CS-300 (single angle) and CS-380 (triple angles). History of Gloss Meter Ingersoll Of the many internationally recorded publications relating to gloss measurement, the earliest recorded studies […]

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