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Model No.: near-infrared-hyperspectral-camera-fs-50

China Hyperspectral Cameras Manufacturer supplies Near Infrared Hyperspectral Camera FS-50.

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Key Specifications / Features

What is a near infrared hyperspectral camera FS-50?

The near infrared hyperspectral camera is a portable hyperspectral camera that combines spectral analysis and high-definition digital image processing. The NIR hyperspectral camera FS-50 features a high transmittance optical design that raises the NIR detection capability of hyperspectral cameras to a new standard. The spectral resolution is better than 3.5Nm (slit size is changed to obtain higher spectral resolution, but this affects the signal intensity). There are 128-900 NIR scanning cameras with high spectral coverage. Full spectrum acquisition speed up to 128 fps with band selection (ROI) for higher speeds.

Spectral range: 900-1700nm
The wavelength resolution is up to 2.5nm and up to 1.5nm
Weight: About 2kg
Size: About 310mm * 60MM * 65mm (excluding lens)

20230309050809 98664 - Near Infrared Hyperspectral Camera FS-5020230309051507 27560 - Near Infrared Hyperspectral Camera FS-50

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The measurement principle of Near Infrared Hyperspectral Camera FS-50

20211007084619 17280 - Near Infrared Hyperspectral Camera FS-50

20230309063207 15580 - Near Infrared Hyperspectral Camera FS-50

Superior performance

  • Spectral range: 900-1700nm, wavelength resolution 2.5nm;
  • Up to 1.5nm (changing the slit size to achieve higher spectral resolution, but will affect the signal strength;
  • The full spectrum acquisition speed can reach 128fps, and it has the function of band selection (ROI), which can achieve higher speed.

Technical parameters of Near Infrared Hyperspectral Camera FS-50

Spectral range 900-1700nm
Spectral resolution Better than 3.5Nm
Detector CMOS
Detector interface Camera Link
Detector power supply 12V DC
Detector target size 9.6mm x 7.68mm
Detector original resolution 320*256
Detector original pixel size 30 µm x30 µm
Pixel bit depth 16 bits
Slit length 9.6mm
Slit width 30µm
Recommended pixel merging method 2×2
Number of effective pixels in spatial dimension 160
Number of bands 128
Field angle (FOV) 15.6°@f=35mm
Instantaneous field angle (IFOV) 0.71mrad@f=35mm
Frame rate 344fps
Size About 310mm * 60MM * 65mm (excluding lens)
Weight About 2kg
Working temperature 0-50
Storage temperature -25-60
Interface CS-Mount

Application of Near Infrared Hyperspectral Camera FS-50

Near infrared hyperspectral camera is widely used to scan the sample and get its reflectance under each pixel. It is no limit on the measurement distance. The result can be used for color quality control or material seperation by different content. It can be used in lab or installed in the production line. It is widely used in agriculture industry, food insutry, screen industry, textile industry and many other industries.

20230309063015 27008 - Near Infrared Hyperspectral Camera FS-50

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