Monitor the yellowing of powder coatings with a portable colorimeter

In the early stage of powder coating development, it was mainly used for metal corrosion protection. With the continuous advancement of powder coating production and application technology, and the strengthening of environmental awareness and regulations in various countries around the world, the application range of powder coatings continues to expand, and the decorative beautification of powder coatings is also increasingly caused. People pay attention to it, and the assembly line assembly of modern enterprises (such as refrigerators, air conditioners, instrumentation, metal doors and windows, aluminum profiles, electromechanical equipment, etc.) requires that the quality of the interior and exterior of the coated products is highly stable, and the color of the coating between batches is uniform. The important requirements of the customer.

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    The powder coating generally atomizes the electrostatic powder coating under the action of compressed air to be fine and uniform, and uniformly adsorbs on the surface of the metal workpiece by the action of a high-voltage electric field, and solidifies the film at a high temperature. The curing time and baking temperature are the factors that influence the color difference of the finished product.
     For example, a gas furnace such as a curing device has a moderate production cost and is suitable for coating workpieces of individual enterprises, but the gas furnace has nitrogen oxides during the baking process, so that the coating of the powder coating after curing will undergo severe yellowing. The producers are in great trouble.
     The portable colorimeter monitors the effect of baking temperature and curing time on chromatic aberration.

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    The relationship between the color change data and the curing time and the baking temperature is recorded by the color difference meter, and the influence of the curing time and the baking temperature on the color chromatic aberration can be known, thereby solving the chromatic aberration problem of the finished color.

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    Each powder coating has its own cure profile that achieves full cure over a range of temperatures and time. Portable colorimeter can record the color information and color difference of the finished product, so that you can monitor the color difference of the coating color.

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