Nešiojamasis spektrofotometras

Nešiojamasis spektrofotometras is designed for measuring color. It adopts high technology from overseas.It tests based on the condition of D/8 that is internationally used.It is widely used for color measurement of any industry especially for chemical,paint,textile, plastic, food, building material and other products’ color quality control. It could work with micro printer for printing testing result anywhere.
China Portable Spectrophotometer Manufacturer supplies colorimeters, spectrophotometers, haze meters, gloss meters and spectral analysis instruments, and is a leading producer in the color measurement field in China.We are national high technology enterprise.Till now we have receiced more than 12 patents including one US patent for all instruments.

Products List

DS-700D Nešiojamasis spektrokolorimetras
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China Spectrocolorimeter Manufacturer offers DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter.

CS-500 Portable Spectrocolorimeter
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China Spectrocolorimeter Manufacturer offers CS-500 Portable Spectrocolorimeter.

CS-520 Portable Spectrocolorimeter
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China Spectrocolorimeter Manufacturer offers CS-520 Portable Spectrocolorimeter.

Three Angles Spectrophotometer CS-390/392
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China Three Angles Spectrophotometer Manufacturer offers Three angles color spectrophotometer CS-390/392.

CS-600CG Portable Spectrocolorimeter
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China Portable Spectrocolorimeter Manufacturer offers CS-600CG Portable Spectrocolorimeter.

CS-660 Portable Spectrocolorimeter
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China Spectrocolorimeter Manufacturer offers CS-660 Portable Spectrocolorimeter.

CS-650 Portable Spectrocolorimeter
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China Spectrocolorimeter Manufacturer offers CS-650 Portable Spectrocolorimeter.

CS-610 Portable Spectrocolorimeter
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China Spectrocolorimeter Manufacturer offers CS-610 Portable Spectrocolorimeter.

CS-580 Portable Spectrocolorimeter
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China Spectrocolorimeter Manufacturer offers CS-580 Portable Spectrocolorimeter.

CS-600C Portable Spectrocolorimeter
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China Spectrocolorimeter Manufacturer offers CS-600C Portable Spectrocolorimeter.