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Model No.: Hyperspectral-camera-FS-15

China Hyperspectral Cameras Manufacturer supplies Hyperspectral Camera FS-15.

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Key Specifications / Features

What is a hyperspectral camera FS-15?

The hyperspectral camera FS-15 features a high transmittance optical design (F/1.7) that raises the camera’s light gathering capability to a whole new standard.
Covering 400-1000nm, the hyperspectral camera FS-15 adopts a push-and-sweep imaging method with a full-spectrum acquisition speed of 670 FPS, and it has a band selection (ROI) function for even higher speeds.

20230309050809 98664 - Hyperspectral camera FS-1520230309051507 27560 - Hyperspectral camera FS-15

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Instrument features of Hyperspectral Camera FS-15

Spectral range: 400-1000nm, wavelength resolution better than 2.5nm, up to 1200 spectral channels;
Acquisition speed: 128FPS in full spectrum, 3300Hz at most after band selection (multi region band selection is supported);
It is widely used for surface color and texture detection of various industrial products such as printing and textile, and the repeatability of color measurement can reach dE * ab<0.1.
Short wave near-infrared:
Spectral range: 900-1700nm, wavelength resolution better than 8nm, up to 254 spectral channels;
Image resolution can reach 320 * 320.

The measurement principle of Hyperspectral Camera FS-15

20211007084619 17280 - Hyperspectral camera FS-15

20211019130347 88216 - Hyperspectral camera FS-15

Technical parameters of Hyperspectral Camera FS-15

Model FS-10 FS-12 FS-13 FS-15
Spectroscopic mode Transmission grating Transmission grating Transmission grating Transmission grating
Spectral range 400-700nm 400-1000nm 400-1000nm 900-1700nm
Spectral band 600 1200 1200 254
Spectral resolution 2.5nm 2.5nm 2.5nm 8nm
Slit width 25um 25um 25um 25um
Transmission efficiency 50% 60% 60% 60%
Stray light 0.5% 0.5% 0.5% 0.5%
Number of spatial pixels 1920 1920 1920 320
Pixel size 5.86um 5.86um 5.86um 30um
Imaging speed Full band 41Hz, Full band 41Hz, Full band128Hz, 200Hz
390Hz can be achieved after ROI 390Hz can be achieved after ROI 3300Hz can be achieved after ROI
SNR(Peak) 500/1 600/1 600/1 600/1
Camera output USB3.0 USB3.0 USB3.0 GigE
Camera interface C-Mount C-Mount C-Mount C-Mount
Parts USB3. 0 transmission line USB3. 0 transmission line USB3. 0 transmission line Gigabit network transmission line
ROI Single area Single area Multiple areas Single area

Application of Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

Hyperspectral imaging camera is widely used to scan the sample and get its reflectance under each pixel. It is no limit on the measurement distance. The result can be used for color quality control or material seperation by different content. It can be used in lab or installed in the production line. It is widely used in agriculture industry, food insutry, screen industry, textile industry and many other industries.

20211018180601 83429 - Hyperspectral camera FS-15

Case videos of Hyperspectral camera FS-15

Video introduction of FS-15 different plastic plates detection

video introduction of fs 15 different plastic plates detection - Hyperspectral camera FS-15
Introduction to FS-15 Different Leaf Detection Video

introduction to fs 15 different leaf detection video - Hyperspectral camera FS-15
FS-15 Video Introduction of Detection of Different Tobacco and Insect infested Tobacco

fs 15 video introduction of detection of different tobacco and insect infested tobacco - Hyperspectral camera FS-15

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