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Model No.: Hyperspectral-camera-FS-12

China Hyperspectral Cameras Manufacturer supplies Hyperspectral Camera FS-12.

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Key Specifications / Features

What is a hyperspectral camera FS-12?

20211007094931 34774 - Hyperspectral camera FS-12

The hyperspectral camera FS-12 features a high transmittance optical design (F/1.7) that raises the camera’s light gathering capability to a whole new standard.
Covering 400-1000nm, the hyperspectral camera FS-12 adopts a push-and-sweep imaging method with a full-spectrum acquisition speed of 670 FPS, and it has a band selection (ROI) function for even higher speeds.

Instrument features of Hyperspectral Camera FS-12

  • 1. Machine vision, color detection, visible light detection hyperspectral solutions.
  • 2. Spectral range: 400-1000nm, wavelength resolution 2.5nm.
  • 3. Frame rate: full spectrum acquisition up to 41Hz, after ROI up to 390Hz.
  • 4. Support single area ROI.
  • 5. Color difference detection: printing, textile and other industrial products, surface color, texture detection, with special light source and control system, color measurement single pixel repeatability up to dEab<0.1.

The measurement principle of Hyperspectral Camera FS-12

20211007084619 17280 - Hyperspectral camera FS-12

Technical parameters of Hyperspectral Camera FS-12

Model FS-12
Lighting mode Passive lighting (without light source)
Spectroscopic method Grating
Spectral range 400-1000nm
Spectral band 300
spectral resolution 2.5nm
Slit width 30um
Transmission efficiency >60%
Stray light <0.5%
Number of spatial pixels Maximum 1920 (software settable)
Pixel size 5.86um
Imaging speed Full band 41hz, 390hz after ROI
Detector CMOS
SNR(Peak) 600/1
Camera output USB3.0
Camera interface C-Mount
Parts USB3.0 transmission line
ROI Single area

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