How to use gloss meter?

A good appearance of ceramic products, we often use “uniform texture, surface luster” to express. What does “luster” mean here? How to measure the glossiness of ceramic products? Today, we will introduce the concept of glossiness and the use of gloss meter.

What is glossiness?

Different industries have different understandings of glossiness. Generally speaking, glossiness refers to the reflection ability of an object surface to visible light, which is different from the definition of smoothness. In order to standardize the expression of glossiness, the corresponding standard of glossiness measurement is proposed.

Glossiness is a group of physical quantities that can evaluate the ability of reflecting light from the surface of an object under the specified geometric conditions. It has the reflective property of direction selection. We usually refer to the “specular gloss” by the glossiness we usually refer to. The specular gloss is a relative quantity. Its reference standard is highly polished black glass with refractive index NP = 1.567. Assuming that the natural light beam is specular reflected from the plane, and the glossiness value is defined as 100.0 gloss unit, then the glossiness of the measured object surface is usually expressed by the reflectivity of the sample relative to the standard surface in the specular (positive reflection) direction multiplied by 100, that is, g = 100r / R.
Glossiness meter is a special instrument for measuring the surface glossiness of objects. Here are the specific operation methods for you.

How to use gloss meter?

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1. Package for Gloss Meter CS-380 (20,60 and 85degree)

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Qty. Name Qty. Name
1 Main Instrument 1 Charger Head
1 Operating Manual 1 USB Cable
1 PC Software 1 Verification Certification
1 Packing List 1 Operating Manual

2. Gloss Meter CS-380 Measurement Test Accuracy

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3. Measurement Interface. When the gloss difference is larger than the tolerance, it will show fail on the instrument.

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4. Measurement Setup

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Time setting

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Power Setting

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Factory Reset

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Language Setting (the chosen one will be in blue)

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5. Connect instrument with PC for measurement

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6. Gloss Measurement PC Software –Gloss QC

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