How to measure the gloss of special-shaped products

Gloss belongs to one aspect of human visual perception. When the buyer considers the value of the product, the gloss and color of the product have the same important position. Glossy objects look like they can emit light. They are not metal, but they have metallic luster. The glossiness of an object’s surface can be affected by many factors, such as the smoothness after polishing, the thickness and brand of the coating used, and the substrate of the object.

Manufacturers will continue to introduce new designs according to the needs of buyers, such as highly reflective car panels, high-end magazine covers, satin black fashionable furniture and other glossy products, so as to attract buyers’ attention to a greater extent.

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Manufacturers in production, to ensure that the glossiness of products in strict accordance with the standard, which requires glossiness meter as a testing tool. The application scene of glossmeter can make the incoming inspection, quality sampling inspection in production and factory inspection. Ordinary glossmeter is only suitable for measuring flat products such as paper and ceramic tiles, but small objects such as buttons, thermos cups, spanners or curved products are not suitable for ordinary glossmeter, which requires microporous glossmeter to measure products with special irregular shape.

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CS-300S Gloss Meter

Micro hole glossometer CS300S (measuring aperture: 2 * 3mm) can be used to measure the glossiness of irregular samples. It is suitable for measuring the glossiness of the surfaces with complex shapes, such as mechanical parts, jewelry, handicrafts, plastic pipes, hardware decoration, test samples, etc( It is also suitable for the measurement of plane glossiness.

Measurement procedure of CS-300S Glosso Meter

1. Power on calibration
2. Sample measurement (the sample fits the measurement aperture to avoid light leakage)
3. Press the test key to get 60 ° gloss
To measure and demonstrate video

SourceChina Gloss Meter manufacturer

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