How to deal with paint color difference? How to do with big color difference of paint repair?

In order to make the appearance of the product more beautiful, to meet people’s preferences for different colors, will spray a variety of colors of paint. Then in the specific operation process, due to various factors often produce color difference, in order to better guarantee the quality of the product, it is necessary to use the paint color difference meter to detect.

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Due to different brands and models, the performance of the paint colorimeter on the market will also have some differences. In order to control the color difference data more accurately, we generally choose the spectrophotometer.

Is the paint colorimeter easy to use?

At present, there are desktop spectrophotometer and portable spectrophotometer, which can meet the needs of different users.
Traditional color detection, people often draw conclusions according to their own visual. This method is more direct and efficient, but due to the instability of the light source environment and the state of the observer, the results of color difference detection will have certain deviation. With the continuous upgrading of industrialization level, people have higher and higher requirements for color, especially the paint industry has strict regulations on color difference, which is not enough for manual detection of color difference. In order to better control the color management in the process of painting and repainting, professional paint colorimeter is needed.
The paint colorimeter has the characteristics of TFT true color 7inch capacitive touch screen and full light source. It adopts the illumination mode of reflection D / 8 ° and transmission D / 0 ° (including UV / exclude UV measurement), and its measurement color is accurate and stable. It can be used for accurate color analysis and transmission in laboratory. It is a good helper for you to measure color difference.

Causes of paint color difference:

There are many possible reasons for the color difference of paint. Although we can detect the color difference of the two through the color difference meter, we still need to consider the following points to properly handle the color difference of the paint:

Coating thickness

In the process of painting, the thickness of the coating will be closely related to the application environment. When the color of substrate and coating change, its luster and color difference may change.

Volatilization rate of paint solvent

Different paint solvents have different volatilization rate, which will directly affect the color of the product.

Hydrophilicity of solvent

In the high humidity environment, if the temperature changes sharply, the temperature difference will appear on the coating surface due to the solvent volatilization, which will lead to the enrichment of thin water mist on the coating surface, resulting in white coating and color difference;

Uniformity of coating

When we use the paint, the uneven distribution of the pigment will cause your problem. Different pigments have different effects on color saturation due to blending, and the same color often appears color difference due to different construction methods, different operation habits and other factors.

How to do with big color difference of paint repair?

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In the process of painting and repainting, some color difference is inevitable. So how to control the color difference in the allowed range?

  • Using different old and new different batches of paint, it is necessary to strictly compare the color difference. The color difference of different batches of new and old paint products was compared by using a professional paint colorimeter: CS-280 plus portable spectrocolorimeter.
  • Each time when mixing paint and changing ingredients, we must strictly follow the standard operation process and report to the production workshop. The color inspection workshop verifies according to the process parameters and the color difference standard specified by the industry. And arrange special spray test to observe the spraying effect. Only when the product color is qualified can mass production be carried out.
  • Before spraying again, the spray gun and infusion pipe must be kept clean and tidy, and there should be no obvious dust spots on the surface: the paint surface shall be inspected by close observation. Otherwise, it is easy to cause color difference, especially some light colored paint with weak covering power.
  • For parts with different materials, painting staff should also do a good job in color detection. Different materials may have different viscosity to the paint, and the effect may not be the same even if the same formula is used.

Of course, if there is color difference after painting, how to solve it?

If the color after spraying is obviously different from your original paint, there are two possibilities:

  • First, the color ratio is not adjusted well, so it is recommended to re spray.
  • Second, if it is found in time when spraying, it can immediately stop spraying, and make relevant treatment to re color spraying. It won’t be a big loss.

When the difference is not large, you can wait a certain time, wait until the paint is basically hardened or “aged” for a certain time, to see whether it can “recover” the same color as other unpainted parts. Generally, this phenomenon is often seen in “white” or “lighter color” of plain paint or black paint.

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