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Model No.: G60-Series-Glossmeter

China Gloss Meter Manufacturer offers G60 Series Glossmeter.

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Key Specifications / Features

%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%871 - G60-Pro Gloss Meter

%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%872 - G60-Pro Gloss Meter
G60 Series Glossmeter Pro G60 Series Glossmeter SE

20211014093417 64493 - G60-Pro Gloss Meter

20211014093625 35523 - G60-Pro Gloss Meter

20211014093640 74212 - G60-Pro Gloss Meter

20211014093653 93168 - G60-Pro Gloss Meter

Functional features of G60-Pro Series Glossmeter

  • Small — weight only 80 grams, only the size of a business card.
  • Accurate — commitment to successfully pass the measurement certification, expect peers can also do.
  • Fast — a single measurement time of less than 1S.
  • Long — a charge can be measured 10000 times, small body, big energy.
  • Continuous measurement — open continuous measurement at any time, free your hands.
  • Automatic calibration — no manual manual calibration, can be measured when the machine is turned on, intelligent.
  • Calibration base, anti-dirty, calibrate at any time, ensure the long-term accuracy.
  • Connect to WeChat — can connect to WeChat small program, get more functions.

%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%873 - G60-Pro Gloss Meter

Appearance of G60-Pro Glossmeter

20211007073200 40268 - G60-Pro Gloss Meter

Technical parameter of G60 Series Glossmeter

Product model





Measure the angle


Test indicators

Gloss (GU)

Test caliber


Measuring range



Division value

0-100:0.1GU; Greater than 100:1gu


Measurement stability

0-100GU:0.2GU; 100- one 000GU:0.2%GU


Measuring time

Less than 1 second

Battery capacity

It can measure 10000 times in a single charge


Full color display, 135 * 240, 1.14 inches


USB, Bluetooth


working temperature



Less than 85%, no condensation


USB data cable, lanyard, instruction manual, calibration standard board






Application of Tile and Marble Gloss Meter G60-Pro

Gloss meters are mainly used in the surface gloss measurement for paint, plastic, metal, ceramics, building materials and so on. Gloss meters made by conform to the DIN 67530, ISO 2813, ASTM D 523, JIS Z8741, BS 3900 Part D5, JJG 696 standards and so on.

20211014093907 68873 - G60-Pro Gloss Meter

Advantages of Tile and Marble Gloss Meter G60-Pro

  • 1. Compact size with light weight: Its weight is only 116g with small size;
  • 2. Accurate: It can pass the metrology of national lab;
  • 3. Fast measurement speed: single measurement time is less than 1s;
  • 4. One single charge for continuous 10,000 tests;
  • 5. Continuous test: continuous measurement can be started at any time for simple test;
  • 6. Auto calibration: no need to do calibration by manual, as soon as it starts, it can be used;
  • 7. The intelligent magnetic calibration base can prevent dirt and calibrate at any time to ensure long-term accuracy.

Packing List of Tile and Marble Gloss Meter G60-Pro

Name Qty. Name Qty.
USB Cable 1 Wristband 1
Operate Manual 1 Calibration Tile 1

Warranty of Tile and Marble Gloss Meter G60-Pro

20211014094153 26444 - G60-Pro Gloss Meter

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