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Model No.: DS-700D-Portable-Spectrocolorimeter

China Spectrocolorimeter Manufacturer offers DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter.

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Key Specifications / Features

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name: CHNSpec
Model Number: DS-700D Size: 18 x 6 x 5.1cm
Weight: 0.28kg Wavelength Range: 400-700nm
Instrument Color: Black Geometry: D/8
Integrating Sphere Diameter: 40mm Light Source: LED
Reflectance Range: 0-200% Repeatability: 0.08
Inter-instrument Agreement: 0.25 Measurement Time: 2s
Software Support: Android/ IOS / Windows Calibration: Automatic

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Selling Units: Single item
Single package size: 32X17X29 cm
Packaging Details: Single gross weight: 2.000 kg

Package Type: Color Spectrometer Packing Material
                         Inner Box: canvas bag
                        Outer Box: Carton box

Delivery Time: 3-15 days after payment received
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 200 sets per month

Introduction: DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter

DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter is with excellent interstage difference and repeatability, the measurement data is accurate and reliable. Adopting 360-700nm full waveband LED light source, it is equipped with 3 kinds of measurement apertures to meet the measurement of many kinds of samples. It not only supports connecting to computer to process data, but also supports android, ios and WeChat applet for data storage anytime and anywhere.

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Technical parameters of DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter

Product model

Spectrophotometer DS-700D

Measurement structure

D / 8, SCI + SCE (diffuse illumination / 8 ° direction reception, including specular light and specular light removal)

Measurement repeatability / stability

Chroma value:

Standard deviation de * ab ≤ 0.025

Average value: de * ab ≤ 0.025

Maximum value: de * ab ≤ 0.04  

(measure whiteboard 30 times at 5 second intervals after whiteboard calibration)

Spectral reflectance:

The standard deviation is less than 0.08%

Difference between stations

Δ E*ab≤0.2 five (average value of 12 color plates of BCRA Series II)

Display accuracy


Measurement / Lighting aperture


Measurement index

Spectral reflectance, CIE LAB, CIE LCH, Hunter lab, CIE luv, XYZ, YXY, RGB, chromatic aberration( Δ E*ab, Δ E*cmc, Δ E*94, Δ E * 00), whiteness (ASTM e313-00, ASTM e313-73, CIE / ISO, AATCC, hunter, taubeberger stensby), yellowness (ASTM d1925, ASTM e313-00, ASTM e313-73), blackness (my, DM), staining fastness, color fastness, tint (ASTM e313-00), color density CMYK (a, t, e, m), metamerism index, milm, Munsell, hiding power, strength (dye strength, coloring power)

Light source conditions


F12,CWF,U30,U35,DLF,NBF,TL83,TL84 ,ID50,ID65,LED-B1,LED-B2,


Lighting source

LED (full band balanced LED light source) + UV

Camera location



Intelligent automatic calibration

Software support

Android, IOS, wechat applet, windows

Accuracy assurance

Ensure the first level measurement is qualified

Field of view angle


Integrating sphere diameter


Meet the standard

According to the standard CIE No.15, GB / T 3978,

GB 2893, GB / T 18833, iso7724-1, ASTM e1164, din5033, teil7

Spectroscopic method


a sensor

Dual array sensor

Wavelength interval


Wavelength range


Reflectance measurement range


Reflectivity resolution


Measuring time

Less than 2 seconds


USB, Bluetooth


IPS full color screen 3.5 inches

Battery capacity

Single charge can measure 8000 times continuously, 3.7v/3000mah

Light source life

1 million times in 10 years


Simplified Chinese, English


App mass storage

Ten functional features of DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter

1) Excellent repeatability and inter-stage difference: repeatability max:dE*ab≤ 0.04, inter-stage difference≤ 0.25
Accurate and reliable data, to ensure the consistency of the measurement data of multiple devices, can be used for color matching and accurate color transfer. 
2) Qualified by first-class measurement

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3) Dual optical path array sensor
The dual optical path design monitors light source energy fluctuations while measuring the sample signal to reduce interference during measurement and obtain higher measurement stability. The use of large-area dual-array sensor provides higher spectral response sensitivity, ensuring high standards of instrument measurement speed, accuracy, stability and inter-stage difference consistency.
4) Intelligent automatic calibration, the reference is ZrO2 with reflectivity greater than 90%, no need for frequent whiteboard calibration
The instrument is placed on the intelligent calibration base and can be calibrated automatically without manual intervention by the whiteboard on the base. The instrument can be calibrated automatically without manual intervention through the whiteboard on the base, changing the status quo of the traditional instrument which must be calibrated manually through the whiteboard. The whiteboard made of ZrO2 with R%>90% reflectivity is used as the calibration reference, ensuring excellent mechanical strength and weather resistance, and no scratching or discoloration over long periods of use.
 word%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%874 - DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter word%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%871 - DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter
 5) Full-band balanced LED light source and UV light source from 360-700nm
The instrument adopts full-band balanced LED light source and UV light source as the illumination light source to ensure sufficient spectral distribution in the visible and UV wavelength range, and materials with fluorescent components can also be measured.
 word%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%876 - DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter
6) 10nm resolution grating spectroscopy technology
The grating combined with array sensor made by innovative MEMS process makes color measurement more accurate based on 10nm spectral resolution.

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7) Equipped with three measuring apertures, no tools, at any time to replace, to meet the needs of a variety of sample measurement
Spectrophotometer DS-700D is equipped with three measuring apertures of 8mm/4mm/1*3mm as standard.

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8) Provide 30+ kinds of measurement parameters and 37 kinds of evaluation light sources
Provides a variety of measurement parameters and evaluation light sources in accordance with international standards. Multiple light sources and measurement indicators can be added flexibly through the mobile or PC program.

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9) Support Android, IOS, WeChat applet, Windows program
word%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%8710 - DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter 
10) Camera view positioning, can clearly observe the measured area
word%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%8711 - DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter    word%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%8712 - DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter    word%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%8713 - DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter

After Sales Service
H28881014f30e45389a486bb532c5f220H 1 - DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter
  • a. One Year Guarantee Time.
  • b. Every instrument comes with verification certification to ensure the accuracy of the test result and save first year calibration cost for customer.
Portable spectrophotometer CS-500 can be widely used to measure color value, color difference value and find similar color from color cards for printing industry, paint industry, textile industry, etc.
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Packing List
20211007064036 98710 - DS-700D Portable Spectrocolorimeter
Main Instrument
Power Adapter
Carrying Bag
USB Cable
White Tile
Charging Base

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