Application of color measuring instrument in the development of modern industry and technology

In the development of modern industry and science and technology, there are a lot of questions about color, and the color is closely related to the people’s lives. The measurement and control of color is extremely important in some industrial and agricultural production. In many sectors, color is an important indicator for assessing product quality, such as dyes, coatings, textile printing and dyeing, plastic building materials, medical reagents, lighting signals, paper printing, film and television, military. Camouflage, etc., all of this is due to the establishment of color science, which enables chroma workers to quantitatively describe and control colors with uniform standards. 
002 - Application of color measuring instrument in the development of modern industry and technology
    In the textile printing and dyeing, dyes and coatings industries, the color is dealt with every day. In the past, it was assessed by visual inspection. The evaluation results could not be described and stored. It is greatly affected by the physical condition, mood, and age of the observer. With the rapid development of electronic technology and computer technology, the color measurement accuracy, reproducibility and automation of color measurement instruments have been greatly improved. Online testing is now more useful for improving product quality and reducing nonconforming product rates. For this reason, color measurement technology is increasingly widely used in various industries.
   In the textile industry, color measuring instruments are widely used to control the color of textiles such as yarns, denim, blankets, and ready-to-wear.
   In the dye industry, we use instruments to control the color intensity of dyes to ensure stability between batches.
   In the paint industry, instruments are used to control batch-to-batch stability and to help technicians assign specific colors.
   In the coil steel industry, the color quality of the products is controlled by instruments to ensure color consistency. In the chemical industry, the quality of products is improved by measuring the color of petrochemical products such as PTA and PET.
   In the food industry, the color of the food is strictly classified by the colorimeter to achieve better visual perception, such as the determination of the color of the ketchup, the detection of colors such as orange juice, potato chips and cola.
   The color difference meter is an indispensable tool for quantifying color phenomena, establishing color standards, improving product appearance, color quality control, and then computer color matching.

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